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Now BookingNow Booking Weddings and Funerals – A Clean Comedy Presentation 

I recently participated in a comedy contest at The Comedy Factory here in Edmonton. Out of 30 amateur comics I made it into the final 6. Pretty exciting. I bring my own brand of funny and awkward stories from my adventures as a Husband, Father, Youth Pastor and kid who drove his parents crazy.


Workshops – 

Workshops.001The Faith Suitcase – What are you packing?

This thing you believe, is it your parents’ faith? Is it a set of rules? Is it something you heard at church? Or, is it your personal faith? There comes a time in every believer’s life where he must decide for himself what he will believe. In this workshop you will learn about your faith suitcase.

All of us carry this suitcase every day. No matter where you go, or what you do, it is with you. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s in it? We will focus on understanding what is already in your suitcase and how it is affecting your decisions, positively and negatively, right now. You will learn how to discern what to pack in your suitcase and what needs to be removed or avoided in the future. Ultimately, this process will help you to develop your own personal faith and walk with Christ.


Workshops.002Skipping Stones – An analogy of confession

A multimedia presentation that incorporates story and visuals. All of us know that confession is a good thing, we also understand that confession may be good for us, but, is it truly necessary?

This moving story of a boy named Billy and Jesus will illustrate for students and adults alike the simple beauty of confession. I have noticed that many people struggle with the burden of sin. They have accepted Christ as their personal saviour but continue to carry around their sins. Like the Pilgrim in Pilgrim’s progress they simply need to know how to give those burdens to God. This workshop makes the whole experience memorable and reminds us that we can bring our confessions to Christ and we will find forgiveness.


Workshops.004The Evolution of the Youth Pastor

I have been in full time youth ministry for over 16 years. During that time I have worked in small churches and large churches. I have seen that every youth pastor moves through experiences and levels of understanding as they continue to serve their church. There are some distinct opportunities that come with time and experience that are incredibly beneficial for all churches and youth ministries.

This workshop will prepare youth workers and youth pastors from all walks of life for the ups and downs, and for the incredible developments just around the corner.



Simon, Son of John. Do You Love Me?

This three act play focuses upon the life of Peter the Apostle. As we look at his life we see the changes he goes through from excited new follower, to shame filled denier, to forgiven friend.

I have used this play in camp settings, before congregations and at Youth retreats. It is powerful and I am very grateful that God allowed me to come up with this experience. Even though it was originally written over an afternoon, through the years it has grown and evolved and I am excited to present it to you.



Behind the Words

This series of talks begin with phrases found in the New Testament which have their origins in Old Testament stories, poetry or prophecies. While studying the book of Mark I came across numerous phrases that have significant meaning in the Old Testament. As I dug further into this fascinating idea I realized that there was more to these thoughts and ideas than I had previously assumed.

One of my passions in teaching is building bridges from the New Testament to the Old. I believe there is incredible relevance in the Old Testament stories and the History of the nation of Israel.


Booking Chet Kennedy

To inquire about booking me for an upcoming speaking opportunity, please contact me by phone (780-486-4010 ext.322) or email as early as possible. My schedule is often arranged months in advance.