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Ask Me Anything Apps com.001I am passionate about creating change in the lives of people through humour and dialogue. As a speaker and comedian I motivate people to find their calling and their purpose by looking at their own strengths, gifts and talents. I know that everyone has the potential to succeed if they learn who they truly are and were created to be.

I believe that communication is the key to all relationships, whether at home or at work. That is why I designed this series of conversation starter apps to help get meaningful conversations going. I recognize that sometimes circumstances and struggles, failures and personalities can all get in the way of real communication. These apps are just a tool to help to begin the process.

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Ask Me Anything apps were built upon the foundational truth that communication brings strength to any relationship. No matter where you live, what your relationships look like, or how connected you truly are to the people in your life, all of us need better communication.

If you are in sales, marketing, business, or retail you need to know how to communicate. If you are in education, social work, athletics, or Human Relations you need to know how to communicate. If you are in IT, call centres, customer service or trades you need to know how to communicate. No matter where you work, you need to know how to communicate to be successful.

Conversation is a lost art, we have lost the ability to look one another in the eyes. The ability to listen and to hear. The ability to share our words with one another. We are more comfortable with who ever is in the world than who is in the room next to us.

Ask Me Anything Apps were created to help humans interact with other humans. It’s that simple.

For your relationships I have created 3 separate apps. Ask Me Anything for Couples, Engaged Couples and Families. Each one unique in how they are designed and the focus that they have. Each one has questions that will lead you into conversations with significant people in your life.

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For your more general conversations I have also created 2 apps that bring people together through the powerful medium of conversation starters. Ask Me Anything for Teens and Ask Me Anything for Adults. These are unique apps because they are not full of rude or lewd questions. They are designed for water cooler or bus ride type conversations.

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My apps have been used by teachers, youth workers, youth pastors, preachers, politicians, parents and other regular everyday people. They have been downloaded over 100,000 times and are active in over 80 countries.

If you would like to start a conversation with me please email me

If you would like to book me for a speaking engagement, standup comedy or to officiate your wedding please check out my personal website at

Thank you for the downloads and have a great day.


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