This is a collection of videos of me preaching, speaking, etc.


Put Me In Coach

This sermon is a study of biblical characters who stepped up and honoured God with their lives. I also use many stories of people in my own life to illustrate this idea that we can say to God “Put me in Coach.” It’s all about stepping in to that serving role that God has designed you for but you have yet to step up to the plate to serve where God wants you to.

God Qualifies the Disqualified

This sermon is a study of Judges 3. Ehud the Left Handed Judge. This is one of my favourite camp sermons, usually titled, God uses Freaks and Weirdos. I rebuilt it from the ground up for our Multi-generational Beulah congregation. I hope it inspires you to get involved wherever God is calling you to.

God of Septembers

This sermon is a study of Joshua 24:14,15. Principle Thoughts… God is a God of New Beginnings, God is a God of Resolutions, God is a God of Covenants. My favourite part of this sermon is the intro, apparently I had issues with school fees on that particular day.  

Ready, Willing and Able

This sermon is a study in Callings. We look at Luke 5:1-11 and try to discern what it must have been like for the first disciples when Jesus called them to follow him. During the sermon I do focus on certain Old Testament callings. I try to establish the difference between the Leave your life/Follow type of callings and the Go and Die type of callings.

Judah, a Crooked Root in the Family Tree

This sermon talks about Judah, brother to Joseph. We focus on Genesis 37, 38 and then conclude in Genesis 44. I discuss how Judah goes from Selfish to Selfless in only one lifetime. In this sermon I coin the phrase “gift of awkward” which seems to summarize my life. There are tons of beautiful and awkward moments in this sermon as we study how Judah sleeps with his daughter in law Tamar.

Gifted to Serve

This sermon is a study of John 17 and Ephesians 4. It’s a call to serve and a call to find our place in the body of Christ.

Christmas is all about…

When you are the youth pastor in the church they tend to give you the really popular speaking times like Christmas, or New Year’s or some time when no one else can preach in the middle of summer. This sermon is actually from one of those rare times where Christmas actually fell on a sunday morning. It’s 3 stories from my life all woven together into the Christmas Story from Luke 1 and 2. I hope you enjoy it, it’s a pretty clear glimpse into my crazy life and it was a time where I could use my most natural preaching style. Because its actually 3 mini sermons I left the in between Christmas carols so that you could have a feel for what the service felt like. Small and intimate like Christmas in your living room.

A few more clips that I found wandering around the internet…

My Comedy Debut at The Comedy Factory in Edmonton

Second set at The Comedy Factory in Edmonton

My Third set at The Comedy Factory in Edmonton


Improv and StandUp at a charity Fundraiser

Skip to 27:40 if you would like to just see my Stand Up Comedy but if you have 2 hours to kill feel free to watch the whole thing. It’s very entertaining.

Image is nothing

Here is me rapping at a summer camp. Quality is terrible, so is the rapping.

Camp Nakamun 2013

I also make a bit of a cameo appearance in this short clip from Camp Nakamun.

Christmas Now!

A video that I am in that we shot a few years ago for our Youth Christmas Banquet. I dare you to watch the entire thing without smiling or laughing out loud.