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Chet Kennedy is a Speaker, Team Builder and a developer of People.

Skipping Stones: An analogy of Confession

I wrote this story a few years ago to help my students understand confession. I was noticing more and more students in my office who were dealing the burden of unconfessed sin. They were holding on to sin and trying … Continue reading

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Is marriage biblical?

This weekend I did a wedding for some long time Beulah attendees. I love Christian weddings because they give me a chance to speak to a sometimes non-churched congregation about marriage within the biblical context. I have spent a number … Continue reading

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Can talking heal a world gone mad?

Can talking heal a world gone mad? All around me teenagers are wondering what is going on in our world. They see bombings in peaceful places, shootings, great tragedies caused by people who just seem to want to cause pain … Continue reading

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The Seasons of Faith intro

All of us in our faith journey have experienced times of incredible emotional change as we attempt to follow Jesus. The Christian life can be fun, exciting and full of Joy. There are times when we are hungry for more … Continue reading

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How to NOT leave the church

I actually wrote this for the parents in our ministry here at Beulah Alliance Church a few years ago. I recently came across it and thought it would make a great blog post. Many of the youth ministry books out there are pointing their … Continue reading

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Miss Gleddie came to see me.

Yesterday my grade 2 teacher stopped by to see me. Yep. You read that right. My grade 2 teacher Lucille Gleddie, or Miss Gleddie stopped in at my church, Beulah Alliance, to see me. She was here for a funeral … Continue reading

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Biblical and Bubblical…

I alluded to this idea in an earlier post but I thought I should flesh it out a bit more… Over the last few weeks I have had the privilege of speaking at Camp Nakamun for both a family camp … Continue reading

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