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Chet Kennedy is so many things. A Speaker, Team Builder and a developer of People. A Sales Consultant at Norden Volkswagen. An App developer, a game designer and a huge fan of all things Apple.

How to compete in a Stand-up Comedy Competition

The Origin of Chet’s Comedy I have been listening to comedy for years. I love comedians. I love how comedy disarms an audience and allows people to set aside their lives for a short while. I’ve used jokes or humorous … Continue reading

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What is a Next Gen Team Leader?

I have a new position here at Beulah Alliance Church. I am now the Next Gen Team Leader. Recently, we have been using my new title in communications documents and in my weekend announcements etc. so that people can start … Continue reading

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Get your copies of the Youth Alpha Film series NOW!

The first two episodes of the Youth Alpha film series are available for your viewing and download. I just spent the last hour wandering through the site and previewing the material and I am very excited to introduce our students … Continue reading

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God Qualifies the Disqualified

I recently preached on Ehud the left handed judge. It’s too long for a blog post but I thought it might work if I split it in two. So here is Part 1 of God Qualifies the Disqualified. God qualifies … Continue reading

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How we are using the Youth Alpha Film Series in our Youth Ministry.

Some of you may be wondering about our Youth Alpha film series rollout this Fall. If you have been watching my instagram ( or facebook ( posts you will see that I am pretty excited about Alpha and especially the … Continue reading

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Skipping Stones: An analogy of Confession

I wrote this story a few years ago to help my students understand confession. I was noticing more and more students in my office who were dealing the burden of unconfessed sin. They were holding on to sin and trying … Continue reading

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Is marriage biblical?

This weekend I did a wedding for some long time Beulah attendees. I love Christian weddings because they give me a chance to speak to a sometimes non-churched congregation about marriage within the biblical context. I have spent a number … Continue reading

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