Get your copies of the Youth Alpha Film series NOW!


The first two episodes of the Youth Alpha film series are available for your viewing and download. I just spent the last hour wandering through the site and previewing the material and I am very excited to introduce our students to this new format for alpha. For those of you who are not sure how to access these videos the process is simple. You start by going to Once you are there you will need to click on the Alpha for Youth tab. Once you are there you will need to click on the orange button that says register a course.


Why is this necessary? The youth alpha film series is completely free for you to download, materials, promotions, everything on the site is free. All Alpha Canada needs from you is your course info… Take a few seconds, fill in the info, get the videos. Really simple. At the end of all of the questions is another button that says “I’m done, register my course.”


Click that and you are done. Now, check your email. Alpha Canada will send you your login info and password. Use those to login again to the Youth Alpha website.


Once you are in you will see four blue bars… Get ready, get trained, get the talks and get promoting.


Click on Get the Talks. The bars will move apart revealing a series of 12 thumbnails. One for each episode of the series. At this point only the Life and Jesus episodes are available.


Click an episode and it will bring up a video player. You can play the movie in the viewer, full screen or you can download the video to your hard drive for viewing later.


I hope this short tutorial helps you to get access to the new Youth Alpha Film Series videos and I pray that God blesses your ministry as you use this incredible resource in your church and student ministries.

While you are getting that all set up why not check out the first episode…




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