How we are using the Youth Alpha Film Series in our Youth Ministry.


Some of you may be wondering about our Youth Alpha film series rollout this Fall. If you have been watching my instagram ( or facebook ( posts you will see that I am pretty excited about Alpha and especially the Youth Alpha film series ( which is launching this fall.

Some of you will remember that we brought Jason Ballard in to speak at our Vicissitude fall retreat last year.

20130723-154431.jpg At the time he was just starting to work on this whole epic project. I’m convinced that as we partner with Jason, Ben and the Youth Alpha Film series that God will bless this ministry in many ways.

Our curriculum this fall will be the Youth Alpha Film series. ( My original idea was to go much smaller, to use the film in our restaurant alpha or as a part of our school prayer groups, but, when I spoke to Ben and Jason at the Alpha Conference earlier this year God began to change my plans. Personally, I think the best part was when I rolled out this fantastic idea to Denise and some of our other leaders, they told me that they had already thought about that and were just waiting for me to come around to the idea. LOL.

It is our goal to expose as many of our students and leaders as possible to the Youth Alpha Film series this fall. Easiest way to do that is to simply use the series like we would our regular curriculum. So… we will be rolling it out from September through to November, in Resonate Jr, in our Gravitate houses and through our Illuminate nights. It’s going to be bigger than anything we have ever done before. That means we will have over 200 students participating in an Alpha course this fall. But… It gets better.

In February we will ask our students and leaders to get on board and run their own Youth Alphas, in their own settings, in their own contexts. (

We want to run Youth Alpha in schools, in Coffee shops, in an A&W and in as many other restaurants as possible. We want students to run Youth Alpha in their own homes, or in their back yards. It’s going to be an epic rollout that will be monumental in its scope. We would like to start 20 Alpha groups through this process. After the groups have run their course we will evaluate them, tweak them and find more ways to run Youth Alpha in the next year.

If you are excited and want to find out more here is the the First Official Youth Alpha Trailer. (

Bottom line: We are running Youth Alpha this year and we want you to bring your non-churched friends to come check it out. The best is yet to come.


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2 Responses to How we are using the Youth Alpha Film Series in our Youth Ministry.

  1. Friar Tuck says:

    Great job sharing your game plan for youth alpha. This is a huge help for youth pastors. Youth Alpha should find a way to share this on their site for other churches looking at ways to incorporate this into their ministry.

  2. Chet Kennedy says:

    Thanks Friar. I’m excited for Youth Alpha to start up in the fall. I can’t wait to see the material and the videos. As you know we will be putting together our own version of the curriculum and it will be up on as soon as we finalize it.

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