Crusty Habit Forming Edible Toenails?

What’s with the name?

I hate camp names. Almost every summer camp I go to wants me to have a camp name. Instead of just calling me Chet, or Pastor Chet kids are supposed to call me Muffy, or Rufus, or Sparrow, or who knows… I just don’t go by anything other than Chet.

So… this one camp I speak at, Camp Nakamun, insisted that I have a camp name. I love Camp Nakamun, it’s one of my favourite camps to preach at, I just don’t like camp names.

So… I sat down in my cabin and came up with this incredible camp name, Crusty Habit-Forming Edible Toenails… or Chet for short. It stuck with me and after all these years whenever I need a camp name, that’s what I use.

So… Now that you have found my blog, why not check out my latest post.

Have a great day.


About Chet Kennedy

Chet Kennedy is a Speaker, Team Builder and a developer of People.
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1 Response to Crusty Habit Forming Edible Toenails?

  1. Donloree says:

    Oh Chet! You make me laugh. 🙂

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